I have suffered with lower back pain on and off for the last 3 years due to my job being very demanding I also spend a lot of time in the gym lifting weights which doesn’t help my back. After a few sessions at Burton Latimer Chiropractic clinic along with advice on posture when at work and when lifting weights in the gym the pain has subsided. I would like to thank the team at Burton Latimer Chiropractic Clinic for my recovery and i now attend for regular maintenance.Ricky – Northampton

From about the age of 11 I have gone to 3 different chiropractors over the years due to having spondylitis. Also i have had a car accident and trampolining accident all-around that age. Going to “Burton Latimer Chiropractic Clinic” will be my fourth time. I am now 27 years old and went with a severe back pain in the base of my spine. I couldn’t do anything at all any movement it was getting worse and worse and they sorted it out for me. Very impressed with everything they have done for me. They are by far the best I have been to yet. They are good at what they do and I am still going to them on a regular basis for a tune up. So i recommend them to everyone I meet that has any kind of spine problem. It took some time but now i am completely out of pain and back to normal. Also they are very polite and welcoming people which is lovely.

Thank you so much I was lost without ya!

For the past five years Maya has been treating me for various joint and muscular ailments, always with 100% success. I visit Burton Latimer Chiropractic Clinic regularly in order to maintain a healthy balance within my body. I would thoroughly recommend Maya’s expertise.
Every effort is made to accommodate urgent appointments and the practice is efficiently managed with friendliness and courtesy at all times.Margaret – Burton Latimer

I suffer tremendously from lower back pain, after trying many of the leading practices around our area (Northamptonshire). I had pretty much given up all hope that my back would be back to a level of normality. This resulted in me changing my career path as my work was labour intensive. I was never hoping for a miracle but some level of normal living. My partner found Burton Latimer Chiropractic Clinic on a Google search and persuaded me to give it one last go. I’m ecstatic to say that after some intense sessions/general maintenance my back is finally on the mend. I have now returned to my roofing job too. I owe a lot of thanks to all the staff at the Burton Latimer Chiropractic Clinic in helping me to lead a normal life.David – Higham Ferrers

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