Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain

Shoulder pain Shoulder pain is extremely common due to the complex but unstable nature of the shoulder joint. This instability makes it very susceptible to injury and lasting shoulder pain if inadequate treatment and rehabilitation are not started promptly.

Shoulder complaints are common in sports such as weight lifting, swimming, and throwing or in people who work with their hands in an overhead position for long periods of time.

Frozen shoulder

Frozen Shoulder is an extremely painful condition in which the movement in the shoulder is completely or partially lost. It can be a very painful condition.

Frozen shoulder often starts without prior warning, but may be triggered by an injury to the shoulder. The condition usually goes through three phases, Freezing Phase (starting with pain), Frozen Phase (stiffness) and finally the Thawing Phase (a stage of resolution as the pain eases and most of the movement returns). This process may take a long time, sometimes as long as two or more years.

Chiropractic treatment will help prevent any further stiffness and regain range of motion.

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